Thank You! And What’s Next…

Dear Friends, Family, Comrades, Colleagues, and Co-Conspirators,

Thank you.

Photo by Connie Chang

I’m speechless. This outpouring of support means more than I could ever say. 

Thank you for believing in us. 

Thank you for trusting us. 

Thank you for walking this road into hell with us, where few dare to tread. 

Though some of us must. We will go the distance, and see you on the other side. What lies beyond I cannot say, but we will share our stories, together. And we will grow, and inspire one another to make the journey again and again. 

But we are not there yet.
We have a few steps along the way. 

Would you like to be thanked via a handwritten letter? Send your snail mail address to and I will send you a personalized card (plus another treat!).

Would you like Open Flame Theatre in your classroom, community group, or living room, to talk about our process, share our research, or share some of the totally unique music from our performance? Please contact me at about these and other ways of connecting with us. 

Photo by Erica Fladeland

This work truly is not possible without your support. From all of us at Open Flame, from the depths of our hearts, I want to extend my sincerest gratitude. 

The future is not set out before us, and as dire as things may seem sometimes, many of us have not given up hope and continue to struggle bravely on, as we are and you are. This is about all of us together, about liberation from the tyranny of capitalism and homogeneity. 

So then let us continue onward. They cannot silence all of us. 

In mud and blood,

Walken Schweigert
Artistic Director
Open Flame Theatre

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